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Lunch menu and specialties

Come in on any day and find tasty lunch specials! Misook's specialties have freshly made pumpkin or white rice with beef and vegetable porridge (changes every other day), house salad (with homemade Oriental dressing), pork rib steamed dish, 6 different Korean side dishes, and cinnamon tea for dessert.

Lunch Specials

Beef Galbi


Yaki Mandu

Seasoned Fried Chicken

Black Bean Sauce Rice

Get a taste of Korea without having ever left the state!

Beef Bulgogi


Pork Bulgogi (Non-spicy or Spicy. )


Chicken Bulgogi(Non-spicy or Spicy. )


Omeu Rice (Omelet Rice )


Bokk Eum Bap (Fried Rice)


Kimchi Bokk Eum Bap


Sam Gye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)

Yang Nyum Chicken (Seasoned Fried Chicben/Spicy)


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Jap Chae (Stir-fried Cellophane Noodles Non-Spicy or Spicy. )


To-go Menu

+ All of the menu ean be paeked.



+ The paekages are included 5 different Korean side dish.

Beverages & Tea

Coke / Diet Coke/ Sprite

Lem.onade / Root beer

Unsweet Tea or Sweet Tea


Saeng Gang Cha (ginger Tea)*Homemade


Su Jeong Gwa (Cinnamon Tea)*Homemade


Doong Gaul Cha (Solomon Tea)*Homemade


Nok Cha (Green Tea)


Hong Cha (Black Tea)






Do Bak Juk (Pumpkin porridge)


Ho Tteok (Sweet Pancabes with

Ice cream)


Chap Ssal Tteok Sweet Rice Cake/MOCHI)


Goguna Gangjeong (Fried sweet potato with Sweet Syrup)